Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hospital Update

I am typing with one hand so I'll be brief. We made it out of ICU yesterday and are now in a nice private room on the Neuro floor. Kinley is doing well today. Her swelling has peaked and she looks a little rough but  we came up with a new plan for treating the nausea today and it seems to be working. She is taking small amounts of apple juice and ate 2 cheerios, which is a start. She is a bit temperamental and if you ask her the wrong question she gets so sad and does a little whimper. So we try to only ask the right questions! The best news is that her development hasnt seem to be affected at all! So we should get back to status quo pretty quickly! She continues to win the hearts of all the doctors and nurses and they can't wait to see her all better! The highlights have been her visitors! She loves people coming to see her. And of course her "jail breaks" when we get to disconnect and go out of the room. She also loved the CT scan and told the technician she wanted more when it was over, which he said was a first.

It's very easy to stay positive when you have as much love and support as we do. Team Kinley is alive and well!! We appreciate it so much - especially those of you that chose to share her story!

Please keep the free hospital messages coming.

Here are a few pics of our journey so far.

pre surgery fun in Kemah!

right before going back for surgery!

right after surgery

wagon rides!

the swelling begins

the peak of the swelling :( should be downhill from here

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  1. My, that is a bit of swelling, but I'm sure it'll be back to normal soon. She looked fantastic immediately after surgery! So the swelling can't last for long. Thank God for the answered prayer to "no set backs, please!" I know it couldn't have been easy to face another major surgery, but with all the prayers on your family's behalf, surely this will be successful. I can't think of many adults that would be such a trooper. May she continue to surprise and amaze everyone with her recovery. She's so obviously being held in God's gentle hands.